Pirates of Silicon Valley (1999)

4.5/5 there were no pirates, in a literal sense.

They didn’t steal, they just borrowed stuff from someone and improved it; kinda like art and science theories. Pirates of Silicon Valley is definitley one of the best movies I’ve seen (not sayin that just for the grade), and while It may look outdated like that computer from last year, the movie manages to keep your attention. The plot is about Bill Gates (Anthony Michael Hall) and his beginnings as the little guy who manages to work his way to the top. The plot also involves Steve Jobs (Noah Wyle) and his business relation with Gates. Watching the movie at this time and age, it looks old; it looks really old. One thing though that I liked about this movie was that the movie really captured Gates’ and Jobs’ personalities. It’s a good movie and I’m not one to tell spoilers, watch it and see how Microsoft slowly overtakes Apple…@.@!


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